Boond Solar


Boond Solar is a rapidly expanding developer of renewable energy power in India. Established in 2010 as a leader

in technology and innovation, its goal is to offer affordable custom solutions that provide economic benefits to its customers. With a strategic approach to continuous growth, Boond Solar is an organization built on four fundamental pillars.

Boond Solar is a dynamic firm that delivers quality, decisiveness and renewable (green energy) solutions with the help of cutting edge talent and the latest technology.

Boond Solar is a green business, partnering with its customers to provide economic value and offset their carbon footprint while creating sustainability across the value chain, including ecosystem partners, the environment, and investors.

Boond Solar is a dependable company that ensures cost and energy effectiveness as well as carbon avoidance while always being accessible to customers and partners.

Boond Solar is a resilient and flexible organisation, adapting to the needs of individual customers while creating renewable energy projects, and ensuring that they are delivered smoothly.

We believe that innovation is a result of vision, creativity,

ambition, and high-end Engineering.

We identify the right solution and optimal design

for every project, irrespective of size.

Our strength lies in the engineering and

procurement of solar power solutions.

High priority is given to the design and

selection of components.

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