Solar Micro/Mini Grid

Why Boond’s Solar MicroGrids

Solar Micro Grids are the best solution providing efficient affordable through ‘pay as you go’ pre-paid business model and 24/7 access to high quality and clean electricity.

It provides turnkey solutions for off-grid solar micro grids, ranging from surveys, site analysis, system design, execution and operation & maintenance. Boond is the only company in India to implement prepaid solar grid, with a business model similar to pre paid sim cards.

Meeting Aspirations
  • De-centralized Solar Grids with Pre-Paid dynamic pricing meter
  • First of its kind DC as well as AC Micro-grid
  • pre-paid pay per unit metering (not just pay as you go)
  • theft proof low loss infrastructure
  • Low operational expenses
  • Designed to meet customer aspiration (not just basic highing)
  • Household per grid:40 to 150
  • Scalable Technology
  • High Voltage DC or AC transmission (96 VDC & 230V AC)
  • Low transmission losses
  • Theft proof system
  • Customized energy storage bank
  • Grid compatible high quality transmission infractructure.
  • Solar array capacity: 1kW to 100kW asper the requirements
  • Different Energy Packs which balances
  • Aspirational And Affordable
  • Zero cash management
  • Low transactional costs
  • Energy stick innovation is most frugal
  • Mechanism for recharge and data transfer
  • Zero downtime cost for end user
  • Logical pricing structure based on generation and demand variables.
  • Optimization of installed capacity by promoting self-moderation of energy consumption (energy conservation).

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