Solar Home Solutions

Solar Home Solutions

Boond Solar Home Lighting System (SHLS) In Rajasthan , Boond through its innovative clean solar home lighting system, has been able to expand its reach to the people who are deprived of electricity and still living in the dark due to geographical constraints and poor economical conditions. We are working on following principles:

Affordability As the cost technology is high compared to the income of our target groups, we have made it affordable by designing and installing small system like 20w, 40w, 100w along with quality products like luminaires, mobile chargers, required accessories.

Easy financing, we provide support through bank financing. Moreover, we have our own financing system for those who are able to tap bank finance. The financing option comes with small EMIs, matching with their monthly cost of energy (for kerosene, mobile charging etc.) before we provided the SHLS.

Doorstep Service We provide 1-year free maintenance and service at their doorstep. Since they are living far from the main market, it become tough for them to bring system to the market place for repair or service.

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