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  • Rooftop
    Delivering end-to-end solutions and leading the campaign for energy savings in solar rooftop plants.
  • Microgrid
    Boond has developed and implemented a first of its kind DC Micro-grid with a patented Pre-paid metering technology.
  • Impact
    Boond continues to work towards building social capital to generate last mile impact and strives to go beyond basic energy access.
  • Research
    Boond uses its extensive ground knowledge to partner with universities & industry bodies to conduct energy related research & analysis.
Founded in 2010, BOOND Engineering & Development Pvt. Ltd, pioneers new solutions in alternative energy technology and works across 11 states in India. Our major focus is providing appropriate and customized solar solutions across the spectrum of communities, sectors and geographies.

At Boond, we strongly believe that energy requirements vary from individual to individual, community to community, business to business and region to region. Rather than providing a one-size-fits-all solution, we dedicate our efforts to identifying the right solution and optimal design.

Our extensive in-house knowledge and experience in both on-grid and off-grid solutions is one of our greatest assets. Boond’s total installed capacity, as of March 2017, is over 4.5 MW, impacting more than 200,000 individuals and enterprises
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